Childhood is beautiful. It’s rare that I could coach children into doing something better than what they would actually do on their own. Candid photography allows me to capture your child doing what they love to do in that very moment. 

Let’s let kids be kids in front of the camera, shall we?

A tour through the garden? Yes, please.
Riding lessons? Let’s do it.
Little guy having a meltdown? Hey, it happens. That’s real life, too!

my approach

You won’t find perfection here.
And that’s the best part about it. 

This is an intimate 1 ½-2 hour session in your home. I’ll arrive in the morning and meet everyone. Right away, I’m scouting and creating unique moments that reflect your family’s day-to-day life. I’ll also be shooting those little details you will want to remember. These sessions are laid back, relaxed, and super fun!


Session Type no. 1

Up for an adventure? Let me chronicle that family vacation in Jackson Hole. I’ll arrive the day before we shoot to scout our best spots and get the lay of the land, then we’ll spend a full day shooting together. I take the task of documenting the trip off your hands so you can actually enjoy it—and be in the photos for once!


Session Type no. 2

This session is perfect for families with young kids. It’s a time capsule that documents a day in the life of your child(ren). I’ll arrive before sunrise and stay with you until your little ones are tucked into bed for the night. We’ll shoot the whole day, capturing all those fleeting moments, routines, and phases you’ll want to relive together someday. It's fun, authentic, and easy! 

Breakfast to Bedtime

Session Type no. 3

— Kristen A, New York

"We scheduled Breakfast to Bedtime when we realized we’d be moving from our first home. Rachel spent the day with us as we went to our local coffee place, the park, said hello to our neighbors, rode in an elevator - all the things they would ask about later. To this day, they look at that book for hours!"

“What did it look like when….?”

It's the period at the end of the sentence. This heirloom-quality album is a curated collection of the best pictures I've taken of your child through the years, plus a few photos of their most cherished objects. They may have brothers and sisters but this album just features them. It’s a perfect gift to mark a big life transition or celebrate a special season. 

Hold Still: The Album

— Julia H, Houston

“When we decided to create a “Hold Still” album for my son’s high school graduation, I wasn’t prepared for the emotional journey we were about to take. In revisiting his entire childhood through Rachel’s (hundreds, if not thousands of) images, I found myself falling in love with many photos I hadn’t necessarily been drawn to the first time around. Rachel’s gift for capturing my son in the intimate, less obvious moments, often when no one else was looking, yielded photographs that most accurately illustrated the mood or feeling in that instant. The result was a playful, authentic, and poignant look at the life of a boy, my little boy. Of course, I’m already planning my younger child’s album in my head.”

what others are saying...

Good photography should show time passing, but never feel dated. 
No moment is too silly or mundane to capture and frame!
Every child deserves to have a lifetime photographer from crib to commencement and every stage in between. 


Invest in what matters!

two hour in home sessions start at $1100.

Her photographs are intimate, candid portraits that truly capture each family members' personality and you don’t even know Rachel is there - she fits in so seamlessly.

"Rachel has a way of gracefully placing herself right in the middle of family chaos and she captures all the minute and magnificent moments that make families so special."

— Brooke r., houston

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