When Is the Best Time to Take Family Photos?

When is the best time to take family photos? Right now.


I hear it all the time, “When is the best time to take family photos?”. Most people when saying this are asking in reference to the time of day, or time of year. Yes, both of those matter in the grand scheme of things, but I do wish people wouldn’t focus so much on them.


So, again, when is the best time to take family photos? Right now.


With each passing day, you get a little older and a little greyer. Your children grow a little taller and a little wiser. Each day is a moment in time that you can never get back, as much as we wish we could. So, why keep watching the days pass? You need to freeze time just for a moment so that you can better revel in it!  


In all of my years, the only way I have found to freeze time is through photography. For years, my work in feature films had me traveling the world, on sets alongside fashion photographers, and spending lots of time in fine art photography galleries. I watched the top photographers, stylists, and directors up close as they embraced the simplicity of the gesture and the beauty of the imperfect and created images that became classics. 


I knew I wanted to bring that to families. Now, I use my experience to expertly tell your family’s story through dynamic, authentic images. Wielding my camera around gives me the ability to freeze time and I’m on a mission to give you images to carry you throughout your entire life.


I have a casual, narrative style that allows your family to be at ease. I do not believe in the staged family photo. I do not want to see your family displayed inaccurately, forcefully sitting in poses you never take throughout your day. I want to capture the essence of your family in the moment – right now.


I believe a moment doesn’t have to be perfectly staged to be meaningful. In fact, I know it doesn’t. My goal is to capture in images the feelings you have for your children – freezing them just as they are, right now, for you to hold onto forever.


I want to capture the wispy curls of your child bouncing as they run toward you, eyes full of mischief, love, and laughter. I want to freeze the moment forever when you wrap them up in your arms and they sink into you, knowing they are safe and loved. These are the details every family wants to hold on to. I look to capture these tender, merciful moments so you can open the photo album on the coffee table 12 years from now and be taken back in time to right now.


Capturing the magic of childhood and the love of a family isn’t a job I take lightly. I want to encapsulate the essence of your family just as it is because it doesn’t need any posing or alterations.


You will never have this day with your children again, so why not document it? Better yet, why not document a day or two each year? The time for a family photo session is always right now.


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